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Journal article

1 Dec 2017

Identifying factors related to risky sexual behaviour may contribute to preventive and interventional approaches to reduce negative mental health outcomes among young women.

Journal article

A systematic literature review
30 Nov 2017


Suicide prevention media campaigns are gaining traction as a means of combatting suicide. The current review set out to synthesize information about the effectiveness of these campaigns. We searched four electronic databases for studies that provided evidence on the effectiveness of media...


1 Jun 2017

Executive Summary

In 2015, 3,027 Australians died by suicide, representing a steady increase over the preceding decade.1 This upward trajectory has caused considerable community concern, and efforts to identify effective suicide prevention interventions have received increasing attention. A significant proportion of people who...


15 Dec 2015

Funded through a foundation grant for clinical research on gambling, this project aimed to create guidelines to help members of the public assist people with gambling problems.

The guidelines cover:

warning signs talking to a person with gambling problems about their concerns dealing...


An Evidence Check review brokered by the Sax Institute for beyondblue and funded through donations from The Movember Foundation.
30 Aug 2013

Interventions to review were identified by searching online databases and grey literature. The interventions reviewed were limited to those which specifically targeted depression and anxiety disorders, or which targeted mental illness more broadly but included an assessment of changes in stigmatising attitudes towards depression, anxiety...

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