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18 Jun 2018

The recently released strategic plan, Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 forecasts a metropolitan population of 8 million. The city’s western suburbs will take a large proportion of this growth, with a further 625,000 projected residents. Despite such projections, no substantial changes to the public transport network are...

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

This paper reports on new research to understand the preparedness of government planning agencies for the arrival of new technologies of automated private and public transport vehicles in Australasian cities. Already corporations are playing an increasing role in the shaping of Australian cities through their...


8 Dec 2017

This report outlines deep concerns with planning and governance for the proposed West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP) and, by extension, with the wider context for transport planning in Victoria.

Working paper

15 Feb 2017

This paper aims to identify the issues at stake in rail contract negotiations and to suggest improvements to existing contracts to protect the public interest.


13 Oct 2016

This document presents the outcomes of an architectural design studio that set out to explore the potential of elevated rail as a method for level-crossing removal in several Melbourne rail corridors.

The studio used design-research to explore options for elevated rail along the Upfield...

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