Every opportunity: Victorian economic participation plan for people with disability 2018–2020

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Victorians with disability can and want to work, yet continue to face barriers and discrimination which leaves them significantly underrepresented in the workforce, with very little positive change over the past 20 years. Employment rates – in both the public and private sectors – remain static and well below those of people without disability.

The Victorian government wants to ensure people with disability are included as our economy changes. We want to ensure that people with disability, employers and the economy, reap the benefits now and into the future.

This plan takes a broad view of economic participation, rather than focusing solely on access to jobs. It encompasses the range of ways people contribute to and participate in the economic life of their community, including through employment, self-employment, career progression, enterprise development, education and training, and as consumers. The plan also aims to counter discrimination, remove systemic barriers and tackle entrenched attitudes that prevent people with disability from achieving levels of economic participation other Victorians enjoy.

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