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28 Dec 2015


The remembered history of the Second World War continues to infect contemporary relations between China and its Northeast Asian neighbours. This article argues that a ‘history spiral’ has taken hold in Northeast Asia as a result of the region’s changing strategic order...


7 Nov 2009

Using data from all elections to the Australian House of Representatives between 1903 and 2004, this paper examines the relationship between candidates’ gender and their share of the vote.

The authors find that the vote share of female candidates is 0.6 percentage points smaller...


4 Aug 2009

Are beautiful politicians more likely to be elected?

To test this, the authors use evidence from Australia, a country in which voting is compulsory, and in which voters are given ‘How to Vote’ cards depicting photos of the major party candidates as they arrive...


17 Aug 2007

Less than one month after the inaugural Japan-Australia 2+2 Ministerial Meeting the Japanese Defence Minister Fumio Kyuma resigned. This Policy Analysis looks at the implications for Australia-Japan defence relations and Japan's security posture more generally.

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