Technical report

This technical paper provides a brief overview of the estimation methodology employed in the National Apprentice and Trainee Collection, background information on the initiative to undertake timely reviews of the estimation methodology and instructions on the operation of the tool developed to best enable efficient reviews.

Apprentice and trainee data (numbers of contracts of training and the time at which these events occur) are reported by the state and territory training authorities (STAs) to NCVER on a quarterly basis. However, it is not unusual for some time to elapse before information about the number of contracts of training appears in the national collection, due to a chain of administrative processes that must be followed. These time gaps are referred to as ‘reporting lags’.

Thus, data about events occurring in a given quarter might require several collections to be completely reported. It takes up to four quarters for commencements and completions and eight quarters for cancellations/withdrawals for complete information about these events to appear in the national collection. As a result, accurate counts take time to accumulate. However, waiting for all the data to be submitted reduces their usefulness. In order to get timely information that can be used for monitoring apprentice/trainee activity and formulating policy, a reliable estimate of the ‘final’ counts is required as soon as possible after the quarter in which the events occur.

This paper provides instructions on the apprentices and trainees estimates review dashboard, which is best used in conjunction with the Excel dashboard, followed in a step-by-step manner, to provide the optimum instruction experience. It should be noted that this technical paper relates to the dashboard as at Collection 93 (June quarter 2017) and will not subsequently be updated.

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