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19 Sep 2013

This report explores the role of citizens' committees in Australian local government decision-making processes. The report will be a useful resource for councils looking to enhance the effectiveness of community committees.

Committee types include both council-appointed committees, and incorporated non-for-profit organisations.

The study...


13 Aug 2002

Lyn Carson, Stuart White, Carolyn Hendriks and Jane Palmer report on a consultation experiment they conducted confirming community support for container deposit legislation in NSW. They claim that the greater the level of deliberation, the more confident policy makers can be in the results of...

Journal article

1 Jul 2002

This article concerns a 2001 experiment that took place during an independent legislative review commissioned by the Minister for the Environment in New South Wales.

Randomly selected citizens participated in a televote and citizens' jury on container deposit legislation, and contributed to the final...

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