Discussion paper

Executive summary

The Government’s 100 day plan includes a commitment to set up an inquiry into the abuse of children in state care. The Ministerial Working Group (the Working Group) is guiding decision-making on the Inquiry’s establishment. 

This paper seeks your feedback on other matters, including:

• the type of inquiry

• reporting dates

• skills and attributes of the Chair and any additional members

• the number of additional members

• principles for ways of working.

For the Inquiry’s success, it is vital to have an inquiry type of appropriate status, a credible Chair who inspires the confidence of stakeholders, and engagement processes that deliver on the Inquiry’s objectives.

A January 2018 Cabinet paper will set out the proposed scope, type of inquiry, reporting dates, named options for the Chair, and draft Terms of Reference. It will confirm the appropriate Minister for the Inquiry, taking into account any perceived conflicts of interest. It will also outline the high-level budget implications and proposed agency to carry out further consultation on the Terms of Reference.

A Ministerial public announcement on key interim decisions could be made on the basis of the January 2018 Cabinet decisions.

Following consultation on the draft Terms of Reference in early 2018, a further Cabinet paper is expected to confirm the final Terms of Reference, any additional Inquiry members and the ongoing budget for the Inquiry.

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