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1 Jan 2010

Over recent decades, the tendency in developed countries has been the consolidation of farms into fewer and larger units, and a shifting of economic functions from smaller to larger population settlements. This paper uses data from face-to-face interviews with 115 Australian farmers in agriculture-dependent regions...

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1 Jan 2006

This paper critically evaluates the related concepts of the 'deserving community' and 'self-help' forms of governance that have underpinned the economic development initiatives of the Dorset local government area, North East Tasmania. Following the announced closure of a major food processing factory, this region implemented...

Journal article

1 Jan 2005

This paper calls for heightened attention to the question of how economic interests interact with one another at a regional scale. All too often in northern remote Australia, the paucity of local private sector activity and the minimal capital base of regions encourage the view...


20 Jan 2003

What rural Australia needs most is an appreciation of its diverse circumstances, set within a national ethic of social justice. As in urban Australia, some regions and industries in rural Australia are facing long-term crisis, and deserve a 'mate's hand' from taxpayers as a whole....


1 Jan 2003

Draws national and international experience as well as regional development theory to set out the principles and strategies that can be used to establish a stronger future for our regions.

A 'hands on' book that provides concrete guidance for policy makers, local government officials...

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