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1 Oct 2010

The community-services sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, as a consequence of governments moving away from direct involvement in service-provision and increasingly contracting with non-government welfare organisations (NGOs) to deliver human services. The perceived increase in NGOs’ reliance on government funding has...


20 Feb 2003

Older unemployed people have quite specific job search and job training needs compared with other groups. Lorraine Kerr, Ed Carson and Jodi Goddard draw on empirical research on the job placement system in South Australia to show that agency capacity to address the specific needs...


15 Jun 2002

The Commonwealth government has progressively implemented a major shift in social policies towards the unemployed, utilising a re-configured ideology of community. Changes have included a streamlining of service delivery (via Centrelink), quasi-marketisation of community organisations, and re-defining of the roles, entitlements and obligations of recipients...

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