Carmel Foley

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Dr Carmel Foley is an Associate Professor in the Management Discipline Group at the UTS Business School.  She is a Research Associate of the Australian Centre for Event Management (ACEM) and a core member of Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre. 

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Stories of serendipity, innovation and driving social change
27 Jul 2018

With a focus on ten notable Australians, including Nobel Laureates Professor Barry Marshall and Professor Brian Schmidt, former Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb, and Parliamentarian, the Honourable Linda Burney, The Power of Conferences explores the deep and lasting impact of conferences on the development and...


1 Apr 2016

A report commissioned by the NSW Architects Registration Board examines "the areas where architects add value to the economy beyond typical construction sector analysis" and defines "where value lies in the work of architects beyond the bricks-and-mortar value of the construction industry."

It argues...

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