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4 Jun 2017

This report argues that adopting a co-accountability approach to evaluation will ensure that both the government agency funding the program and the program provider delivering the program are held accountable for results.


10 May 2017

In this commentary piece, a number of CIS authors give their view on the federal budget for 2017-18.


23 Aug 2016

There is much goodwill in Australia to improve Indigenous outcomes. However, too many programs are implemented because of their perceived benefit, rather than a rigorous assessment of what works.

This research report maps the number of government and non-government Indigenous programs and potential level...

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23 Jun 2016

Every election campaign seems full of promises to spend more money, raise more taxes and make government bigger. Voters expect politicians to offer solutions to all manner of problems, most of them far outside federal jurisdiction and many of which are not problems government can...


25 Nov 2014

Public discussion about ‘closing the gap’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians tends to focus on measures such as life expectancy, child mortality, early childhood education, literacy and numeracy, and employment. These are, rightly, essential markers of health and well-being for all people, and for decades...

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