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Journal article

28 Sep 2010

Digital production and distribution technologies may create new opportunities for filmmaking in Australia.

A culture of new approaches to filmmaking is emerging driven by ‘next generation filmmakers’ who are willing to consider new business models: from online web series to short films produced for...


10 Sep 2003

This 2003 report on the nature of R&D and innovation within the creative and content industries has been a key document in the development of theories around creative industries in Australia. It has now been added to the APO archive.

The nature of R&D...


2 Apr 2003

This report, a project commissioned by the Brisbane City Council defines creative industries, building on sectors outlined by the UK Creative Industries Task Force, and the Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It uses secondary data to outline Brisbane's...

Conference paper

1 Nov 2002

This presentation first addresses the role of new communication and information technologies (C and ITs) in building sustainable and inclusive rural communities; factors in community adoption and use of C and IT initiatives; the role of participatory planning and evaluation in making C and IT...

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