Poker activity in Australia: research summary

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This Research Summary details findings on poker activity in Australia. The findings were derived from analysis of the 2015 Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey. The HILDA Survey is designed so that findings can be generalised to the Australian adult population.

Survey-based estimates show that in 2015, approximately 132,000 Australian adults regularly gambled on poker. Most poker players were men, employed full-time, and aged below 50. Their typical expenditure on poker amounted to around $1,700 each over the year. Nearly half experienced one or more gambling-related problems.

Key messages

- In 2015, an estimated 132,000 Australians regularly gambled on poker. It was the least popular regular activity among the 10 common gambling activities surveyed.

- Most poker players were men (66%), aged below 50 (71%), and working full-time (65%).

- The estimated annual spend was $1,758 per regular poker player. This was the highest average spend on a single activity compared to all other gambling activities.

- Compared to other gambling activities, poker had the highest proportion of regular participants with one or more gambling-related problems (46% of players), including 39% who experienced moderate to severe problems.

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