Policy report

To achieve our compliance objectives, we use four flexible and integrated strategies:

- encouraging compliance with the law by educating and informing consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities under the Act

- enforcement of the law, including resolution of possible contraventions both administratively and by litigation and other formal enforcement outcomes

- undertaking market studies, or reporting on emerging competition or consumer issues with a view to identifying any market failures and how to address them, and to support and inform our compliance and enforcement measures and identify possible areas for policy consideration

- working with other agencies to implement these strategies, including through coordinated approaches.

The ACCC is selective in the matters we investigate and the sectors in which we engage in education and market analysis. We use this policy, and our annual compliance and enforcement priorities, to inform our decision making in this regard.

Each year we review our compliance and enforcement priorities. Priorities are determined following external consultation and an assessment of existing or emerging issues and their impact on consumer welfare and the competitive process. They include current priorities and those that we consider to be enduring. The ACCC may also be funded from time to time by the government to conduct inquiries or work in specific industries or areas.

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