The future of transportation work: a summary report

22 Feb 2018

Transportation is a crucial part of the Australian economy, generating significant benefits that are shared across all sectors and regions. Transportation is also an important employer: occupying 625,000 Australians and generating aboveaverage earnings. However, work in this sector is poised for dramatic change in the years ahead – partly because of technology, but also because of other factors (such as rapid evolution in the organisation of work and the nature of employment relationships). It is the responsibility of all stakeholders in transportation to prepare for that change – to manage it, minimise its costs, and maximise its benefits.

Recognising both the inevitability of change in the industry, but also the importance of preparing for it (rather than simply reacting to it), TWUSUPER recently engaged the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute to prepare a composite research report on the implications of technological and workplace changes for the future of work in transportation. This summary highlights the key themes and findings of that larger work.

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