The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) is required to report on whole of government data, as set out in Section 39(1)(c) of the Public Administration Act 2004.

The State of the Public Sector in Victoria report presents data from a variety of sources to provide a consolidated picture of the structure, composition and profile of the Victorian public sector, its workforce, executives and boards of governance as at June of the report year.

The report is primarily a resource for those who govern, manage and work in the Victorian public sector. It can also be of interest to those in other jurisdictions and the broader Victorian community who wish to gain an understanding of how the Victorian public sector is organised and the composition of its workforce.

This report covers the financial year 2016-17 and all employment, executive and board data reflects information as at the last full pay period in June 2017. It also includes time series information for the five year period 2012 to 2017.

• The Victorian Public Sector by the Numbers provides key statistics that describe the public sector, its workforce, executives and board members.

• Chapter 1 describes the structure and composition of the public sector.

• Chapter 2 describes the size and employment profile of the Victorian public sector workforce.

• Chapter 3 provides a diversity profile of the workforce and how key indicators compare to the Victorian labour force and other relevant comparators.

• Chapter 4 describes executive employment, remuneration and demographic information.

• Chapter 5 describes public sector boards and their membership.

• Appendix A1 lists public sector employers by industry group and provides employment numbers.

• Appendix A2 provides the composition of department portfolios.

Please note: past reports in this series can be accessed here

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