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Conference paper

8 May 2019

Adoption of water conservation measures is one-way water utilities and community are able to reduce the demand on finite water resources by a growing population, and adaptively manage the impacts of episodic droughts. To deliver effective and least cost water conservation programs in the future,...

Technical report

30 Apr 2019

This technical report presents a series of research projects funded by the Low Carbon Living (LCL) CRC, the CSIRO and agencies such as Sydney Water, Sustainability Victoria and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage have been developing and piloting an Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) approach...


7 Feb 2019

The Modelling the Uptake of Water Conservation and Efficiency Measures in Sydney report team worked with Sydney Water’s WaterFix Program to validate their agent based, decision-making model aimed at encouraging consumers to participate in water saving programs.

Customer behaviour plus the development and adoption...

Journal article

25 Oct 2018

This paper reports on a review of international water conservation efforts, but with a particular focus on the Australian context. The aim is to take stock of the current understanding of water conservation, in particular: what influences people’s decision to conserve water, what influences whether...

Journal article

30 Jun 2018

This paper reports on an Agent-Based Model. The purpose of developing this model is to describe ‘the uptake of low carbon and energy efficient technologies and practices by households and under different interventions’. There is a particular focus on modelling non-financial incentives as well as...

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