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15 Dec 2004

The ageing of the population, combined with increasing life expectancies, is raising concerns about the sustainability of current economic and social structures.

Agnes Walker examines the likelihood and impact of more older Australians staying in the labour force. Using a dynamic microsimulation...


7 Dec 2004

Using microsimulation, Agnes Walker finds that if a policy was implemented which resulted in the lifting of the health status of all Australians to that of the most affluent 20 per cent in the population, then close to one million fewer Australians are estimated to...


15 Sep 2004

The new private health insurance reforms - in particular the 30 per cent rebate and Lifetime Health Cover - were partly aimed at relieving pressures on public hospitals. Combining the use of two new models - Private Health Insurance and NSW hospitals - Agnes Walker,...

Conference paper

26 Nov 2003

The study found that the poor used public hospitals more than the rich, however for private hospitals this pattern was reversed - with patients in the poorest socioeconomic group having a 19 per cent lower hospitalisation rate than patients in the richest such group. Other...


1 Oct 2003

This study examines the socioeconomic status of NSW hospital patients in 1999-2000 and projects likely hospital costs to 2009-10. It draws upon unique patient based datasets from NSW public and private hospitals that include hospital admissions, as well as the associated treatment costs in each...

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