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Technical report

17 Oct 2017

This resource provides an implementation map for one of the ten priority policy actions proposed in AHPC’s Getting Australia’s Health on Track 2016 .

Policy report

Priority policy actions for a healthier Australia
28 Nov 2016

Getting Australia's Health on Track 2016 is the subsequent policy report to the chronic disease report card Australia's Health Tracker 2016 . Both were compiled by a national collaboration of Australia's leading chronic disease experts.

Getting Australia’s Health on Track presents 10 priority policy...

Technical report

25 Nov 2015

This report documents the targets and indications that can support, guide and track progress towards a substantial change in the health of Australia. The work comes for a national coalition through the operations of seven working groups and other supporting organisations.


6 Aug 2003

This paper describes the structure of the Cost Benefit Model of Diabetes Prevention and Care and lists the data sources used and assumptions embedded in the model. Agnes Walker, Stephen Colagiuri and Michele McLennan validate the model through checks of model outputs against data published...

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