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The State Services Commission is committed to building on our progress, leading a programme that will take the next step of reform.

Part of this reform is to make significant changes to the State Service. Agencies must operate as a single service, adopting a collective approach on advice and work programmes to ensure better delivery and impact for New Zealand.

State Service agencies must grow to reflect the community they represent and serve. Agencies will connect collectively around the spirit of service, providing a positive impact on the New Zealand community with the Commission providing the guidance and environment to support this continuous improvement.

Another part of this reform is to reconnect collectively around the spirit of service across the public service community. This greater sense of purpose will support our joined up approach and enable a State Service that operates with integrity, earning the trust, confidence and respect of New Zealanders.

The Commission will lead the State Services through these reforms. Our intended outcome is a joined up State Service that can better deliver on complex challenges, exploit opportunities and work collectively for a shared outcome beyond direct organisational interest. The State Service will adopt a futures work methodology which is supported by active planning through the management of short, medium and long term goals. As such, we exercise our leadership and stewardship role.

No reform is possible without an appropriate workforce to drive the work programme. The Commission is developing a unified approach to further support the development of leaders across the Service. We are committed to ensuring appropriate succession of key positions and getting the right person in the right position to ensure agencies meet our diversity and inclusion commitments for our workforce.

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