Visiting international publishers (VIPs) program: longitudinal evaluation 2011-2016

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The Visiting International Publishers (VIPs) program was developed to facilitate Australian publishers’ access to international markets and audiences for Australian writers by promoting rights sales. The program brings international publishers, agents and scouts to Australia for a week-long program. They attend events to increase their knowledge of Australian literature, and meet with local publishers and agents.

In 2016/17, the Australia Council for the Arts conducted a five year longitudinal evaluation of the VIPs program to determine:

the impact of the program for Australian publishers and agents

the effectiveness of the program at delivering on its aims

options for consideration in designing future programs to further increase rights sales.

The evaluation included a survey of Australian publishers and agents who had attended the program between 2011 and 2016 (response rates of 36% and 40% respectively). The impact of the program for the international guests was also assessed (response rate of 90%).


Key findings

The VIPs program provides a strong return on investment

The VIPs program helps Australian publishers and agents build international networks

The VIPs program builds the reputation of Australian literature among international guests

The VIPs program plays a key role among many support structures

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