Living Culture presents arts and culture data from the ABS’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey (NATSISS) about Indigenous Australians’ engagement with First Nations arts, festivals, languages and broadcasting, and attendance at arts and cultural venues and events. The data can be explored through interactive dashboards, or downloaded in detailed tables with breakdowns by a range of characteristics including by state/territory and remoteness areas. Living Culture contributes to the growing body of evidence about the critical role of culture as the foundation of First Nations wellbeing.

Interactive Dashboards

  • Overall engagement and attendance
  • Engagement by region and gender
  • Engagement by state/territory
  • Economic arts participation
  • Engagement with First Nations broadcasting

Overall engagement and attendance

First Nations females are more likely to engage with First Nations arts and attend arts and cultural venues. Younger First Nations people aged 15-24 have low rates of First Nations arts engagement but high rates of attendance at arts and cultural venues. Explore here how engagement and attendance varies across age groups and gender.

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