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This report was produced as part of an independent review of the Northern Territory's (NT) current alcohol policies and legislation. It was commissioned in response to concern about levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol related harm in the NT.

The overarching objective of the review is to provide recommendations to the NT Government on evidence-based best practice alcohol harm prevention and management initiatives. It also provides a rigorous and contemporary regulatory framework to support the NT Government to develop a whole-of-government integrated alcohol harm reduction framework.

The review will assist with developing an integrated Alcohol harm reduction strategy and will form an important part of the NT Government's efforts to prevent and reduce the harms associated with alcohol misuse.

Some key recommendations from the review include:

- additional capture and sharing of data about alcohol use, treatment and prevention

- re-writing of the Liqour act

- no changes to be made to the dry status of an area/community without local decision making and local ownership over alcohol management

- establishment of a minimum floor price for all alcohol products

- coordination of more effective collaboration between police, sobering up shelters, community patrols and local government to ensure a coordinated approach to tackling alcohol related problems

- the NT Government prioritise funding for early intervention services for Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), including paediatric diagnosis, psychotherapy and other behavioural management measures, and early childhood support and education services

- establishment of an alcohol and other drugs court, with an emphasis on diversion and treatment

- a review of sobering up shelters across the NT be undertaken.

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