Northern Territory government response to the Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review final report

Alcohol Drugs and alcohol Alcohol harms Northern Territory

In March 2017, the Northern Territory Government commissioned the Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review to deliver an analysis of alcohol use in the Northern Territory. The final report was handed down on October 2017.

The NT Government Response comprises two important elements:

1. The Table of Recommendations: The Northern Territory Government’s position on the Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review Final Report’s recommendations - this closes the loop on the Review process and is necessary for good governance and transparency

2. The Northern Territory Alcohol Harm Minimisation Action Plan 2018-2019 (the Action Plan) - the Action Plan sets out the policy and legislative reforms, enforcement and compliance activities and harm management strategies/services that the NT Government is committed to delivering, in order to minimise harms associated with alcohol misuse.

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