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1 Oct 2010

Reviewing the institutional processes and problems of a Korea-Japan nuclear weapon free zone, this paper considers its feasibility, appropriate legal forms, compliance mechanisms, UN role and portential benefits.

Michael Hamel-Green of Victoria University examines "the feasibility of the proposal in the light of precedents...


7 Jan 2010

Michael Hamel-Green of Victoria University and Peter Hayes of the Nautilus Institute argue that a Korean Nuclear Weapon Free Zone may be a necessary condition to achieving the full denuclearization of Korea.

As well as providing “benefits to the United States in preventing...


18 Mar 2009

Michael Hamel-Green of Victoria University in Melbourne writes that while Australia has generally been a strong supporter of nuclear weapons-free zones (NWFZs) "there are a number of "initiatives that Australia might take both within its own region and more broadly to strengthen regional denuclearisation initiatives....

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