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Amanda Smith trained as a ballet dancer, but eventually realised she was more suited to being a professional talker than a professional fairy.
She’s a graduate of the Dance School of the Victorian College of the Arts and also has a degree in classics and a graduate diploma in cultural studies from the University of Melbourne.
Amanda has worked as an arts manager, at Next Wave Festival and Theatre Works. During this time she served on the board of Chamber Made Opera, and the Victorian Council of the Arts.
For RN, Amanda created The Sports Factor in 1995. She presented this program from its inception through to 2002, forging a whole new approach to sports broadcasting. Since then she’s presented the feature series Great Lovers as well as RN’s arts and culture programs The Deep End and Artworks. She also produced RN’s award-winning series about Australian multiculturalism, Mongrel Nation. She regularly hosts and speaks at public events relating to sport and the arts.

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University of South Australia behavioural economist, Michelle Baddeley, explains why we herd when making consumer decisions, and what we can miss out on when we do.


25 Oct 2010

With the introduction of a national curriculum - that includes the arts - for the first time, all Australian kids from Kindergarten through to Year 8 will all learn 5 art forms: music, drama, dance, visual arts and media arts.

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13 Sep 2010

A unique project spanning the length and breadth of the Murray Darling Basin has just culminated in an exhibition at the Australian National University's School of Art Gallery.

Engaging Visions: Your Place in Fine Art, brings together artworks inspired by four field studies programs...


21 Jun 2010

How well do we look after our artists? This was one of the big questions coming out of the Prime Minister's 2020 Summit in 2008, and just this week a proposal for far-reaching change in arts funding was handed to the Arts Minister.



22 Feb 2010

Remember the huge community concern that was sparked in 2008 when photographs by Bill Henson were seized from a Sydney art gallery? They were images of children and to some they were sexualised images of children.

As a result of the anxieties and concerns...

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