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Regional scale collaboration on climate change adaptation is an important consideration for governments. This report is based on a project that explored the relationship between legal and policy frameworks and cross-border collaboration on climate change adaptation in the Australian Capital Region (ACR).

Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (CURF) delivered a project that used scenarios to explore climate adaptation. The project aimed to generate research outcomes about the nature and role of policy and legal settings in enhancing collaboration on climate adaptation. The project examined the question of what legal, policy and regulatory settings enable collaborative approaches to climate adaptation in the ACR? To explore relationships between law, policy and ‘climate adapted futures’ the research team engaged participants in a scenario planning exercise. Four contrasting scenarios were used as the basis for visualisation, discussion and exploration of different possible futures. These took as their starting point climate predictions that indicate the need for policies that anticipate and/or respond to hotter, dryer, and more flood prone conditions in the future.

The project demonstrates a strong willingness amongst agencies, policy professionals and experts to engage in thinking about a climate adapted future, and to continue regional collaborations on climate adaptation. Strong connections were made between workshop participants, with many expressing that they had developed networks that would assist them to continue collaboration on climate adaptation.

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