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6 Mar 2019

Overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence are associated with adverse health consequences throughout the lifecourse. This article outlines the policy actions, governance and accountability mechanisms needed to tackle the global epidemic of childhood obesity.

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15 Feb 2017

There is often a disconnection between the creation of evidence and its use in policy and practice. Cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary partnership research, founded on shared governance and coproduction, is considered to be one of the most effective means of overcoming this research–policy–practice disconnect.

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28 Jan 2016

The ‘how to’ of scaling up public health interventions for maximum reach and outcomes is receiving greater attention; however, there remains a paucity of practical tools to guide those actively involved in scaling up processes in high-income countries.

To fill this gap, the New...

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1 Jan 2013

Only one third of clinically eligible patients attend a cardiac rehabilitation (CR) program. Few studies have looked at participation in rural cardiac patients. This paper examines the risk profile and participation in CR of rural and urban residents with cardiac disease who enrolled in a...


9 Jun 2008

This report has been developed to assist practitioners, policy makers and planners to increase adult physical activity levels through bicycle riding. It does this by first setting the scene on Australian cycling and then outlines current barriers and facilitators to greater participation. Finally, the report...

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