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7 Apr 2008

During 2007 the Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA), through the Australian Education Systems Officials Committee (AESOC), commissioned a review of research undertaken by CAEPR staff and CAEPR Research Associates over the period 1990-2007.

Specifically, AESOC requested that the...


17 Mar 2004

Significant work is being undertaken to develop the capacity of Indigenous communities to govern their own services and adult literacy is clearly seen as a major factor in the participation of Indigenous people in community development and the capacity building processes. Yet little research on...

Discussion paper

20 Jun 2003

This paper is an exploration of the potential opportunities and costs of linkages between philanthropic bodies, non-government organisations (NGOs), Indigenous organisations and the academy. Following an overview of the evolution of the ‘Literacy for Life’ project, provided as a case study of the development of...

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