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26 Apr 2012

This paper describes the trends in the prevalence of smoking, quitting and initiation among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women aged 18 years and over.

Methods: Analysis of responses to smoking questions in national Indigenous surveys in 1994, 2002, 2004 and...


7 Aug 2006

Mortality rates in the NT Indigenous population have been increasing since 1977, but there is evidence of a slower rise (or even a fall) in death rates in the 1990s.

These early small changes give reason to hope that some improvements (possibly in medical...

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1 Jan 2006

Research shows that Aboriginal health in the Northern Territory is improving though the pattern of change is not uniform from year to year, across all regions, or in every disease group. Some strategies are suggested which aim at working towards improved access to health services,...

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14 Sep 2005

The introduction of Medical Benefits Scheme item numbers to reimburse health assessments (HAs) represented a major shift in support for access to health promotion and preventive care in primary care settings. HA items were introduced in 1999 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged...

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