Stoking the dragon: Unlocking China's new generation of digital consumers (2nd Edition)

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At China’s recent National Congress President Xi Jinping spoke about the Chinese people’s ‘ever-growing need for a better life’. At ACBC we believe Australia can help meet that need. As China’s middle class continues to grow and private consumption continues to rise, the ‘clean and green’ reputation of Australian products, as well as a growing demand for high quality health, education and other services, can make Australia the real and virtual destination of choice for a whole new generation of Chinese consumers.

But this won’t happen automatically. No good business would launch in a new market without doing basic research, and market research in China today requires a good understanding of the digital environment. China now has as many digital natives as the US has total internet users. 416 million Chinese people shopped online in 2016, and almost 70 per cent of them did so on a mobile phone rather than a desktop computer. And this already-huge market has room to grow: China currently has around 731 million internet users in total, and more are joining every day.

Some businesses think that a good understanding of the Western digital ecosystem is enough to succeed in the Chinese context. This can be a costly mistake. Sinorbis has drawn from their extensive experience in helping Australian companies to get a digital foothold in China, and produced a timely, practical and invaluable guide to navigating the most important digital market in the world.

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