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Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice no. 533
2 Jun 2017

This study compares perceptions of police and policing and willingness to cooperate with police in a population-based sample of young adult amphetamine-type stimulant users and non-users, using both quantitative and qualitative data.


9 Dec 2016

This study examined recidivism in an Australian correctional population. Three different groups of offenders were identified from their recidivism profiles: low-risk or slow recidivists, moderate-risk or delayed recidivists, and high-risk or rapid recidivists. Slow recidivists were more likely to be younger Indigenous men, with a...


9 Aug 2010

Public cooperation with police is essential for the effective management of crime and disorder in our society. Understanding factors that shape public cooperation with the police is therefore important. However, Australian and international studies show that police find it difficult to elicit cooperation...


3 Jul 2006

This paper by Adrian Cherney uses existing literature to highlight the place of problem solving in crime prevention, and the need for flexibility, responsiveness, and an understanding of context in using problem solving techniques. It calls for problem solving to play a greater role in...

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