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21 May 2014

These collected essays explore the complexities that confront those who frame social policy and those involved in the social services and legal systems that intersect with child and family issues.


There are few areas of policy that carry greater complexity than...

Literature review

29 Aug 2012

Life events or transitions are understood to be circumstances that have an unsettling element for individuals (and from a systemic perspective, for family members also). Life events or transitions, even when pursued and ultimately beneficial, usually require adjustment on one or more fronts and relinquishment...


15 May 2012

This fact sheet provides a range of information on ways in which families nurture and support children's physical, learning and social emotional development.

The focus of this fact sheet is on families with children aged up to around 11 years old. It presents analyses...


20 May 2011

This report draws on recent statistics to provide a picture of selected aspects of Australian families in 2011. It first explores some of the demographic and social changes that set the scene for contemporary family life and then considers patterns of participation in work and...


9 Jul 2010

Australian families have changed significantly over the last thirty years but they remain the basic unit in society for caring for each other and raising children, according to this report.

At the time Australian Institute of Family Studies commenced operations in 1980, the marriage...

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