The Green Infrastructure Research Group

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Welcome to the Green Infrastructure Research Group. We are collaboration of scientists at the University of Melbourne  studying how to maximise the benefits plants provide to urban environments. Urban Green infrastructure is the network of natural and designed vegetation within our cities and towns, in both public and private domains. It includes public parks, recreation areas, remnant vegetation, residential gardens and street trees, as well as innovative urban greening technologies such as green roofs, green walls and rain gardens. Broadly, our research seeks to understand the ecosystem service benefits provided by green infrastructure and the biodiversity that uses it as habitat. We have a significant research program developing green roofs and green facades for Australian cities but are also interested in how we can use green infrastructure to support and enhance urban biodiversity. We are also determining the effectiveness of green roofs and more traditional green infrastructure elements such as street trees as a cost-effective and socially acceptable climate change adaptation strategy for buildings, communities and cities. We work closely with government departments and agencies, local governments and industry to ensure wide application of our research findings.

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