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The Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub (CAUL) is a consortium of four universities: the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, the University of Western Australia and the University of Wollongong. The CAUL Hub is funded under the National Environmental Science Programme of the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment. Our task is to undertake research to support environmental quality in our urban areas, especially in the areas of air quality, urban greening, liveability and biodiversity, and with a focus on applying research to develop practical solutions 

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10 Oct 2018

This Urban forest horizon scanning research aims to further the knowledge of the potential changes to species, resources and conditions facing future urban forests, through a horizon scanning exercise involving end-users and researchers from CAUL Hub and other institutions.


Report prepared by the National Environmental Science Program – Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub for the City of Melbourne
27 Feb 2018

This report contains a methodological framework to measure habitat connectivity for a series of key animal groups across an urban landscape. The report contains a summary of the recent science for measuring habitat connectivity, things to consider when using this approach and worked examples.


1 Nov 2017

Australian cities contain millions of trees that provide amenity, important ecosystem services such as cooling and slowing stormwater, and provide habitat for birds and animals. There is growing recognition that increasing temperatures due to urban heat and climate change are a threat to some tree...

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