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30 Dec 2011

This paper is an initial step towards building an evidence base on Australian community attitudes to people with disability, on the impact of these attitudes on outcomes for people with disability and on effective policies for improving community attitudes towards them.

In this context,...

Conference paper

8 Jul 2009

Can this term provide researchers, practitioners, and policy makers with a better ability to monitor and respond to their level of social exclusion and inequity to services, opportunities and representation, as the basis for promoting ethnic equality in the future, asks this paper.



4 Jun 2008

Family relationship services span a diverse and extensive range of interventions that aim to support and nurture family relationships, and so provide an important source of support to families in Australia. However, there is a dearth of research and information on service accessibility and the...


2 Jun 2008

The document reports on a scoping study which investigated the professional training and development needs of architects, landscape architects, planners and engineers in climate change adaptation through engaging relevant accrediting institutions in an action inquiry process. The project sought to go further than a normal...

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