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1 May 2016

This report presents the research findings and advice framework from the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRC LCL) Research Project (RP) 3022, Policy impediments and incentives to effective education and training.The aim of this report is to create awareness about the incentives and...


17 Apr 2015


The Swinburne Leadership Survey is the flagship research program of the Swinburne Leadership Institute that examines Australian’s beliefs about the nation’s leaders and citizens. Conducted in late 2014, the Swinburne Leadership Survey is a benchmark study and underpins our goal of contributing...


6 May 2014

Leadership for the Greater Good is not easy to achieve. Many of the issues leaders face are so complex that they have been called ‘wicked problems’ – not in the sense of being evil, but because they seem almost intractable. Patience, insight and collaboration are...

Working paper

4 May 2014

This paper explores the ways in which different conceptions of leadership can contribute to the sustainability of economic productivity, social equity and, of course, the natural systems and resources upon which all social and economic development depend. It begins by briefly defining leadership and outlining...


7 Apr 2008

This report contains a policy-orientated synthesis of the disparate contributions to remote Indigenous housing from the design, policy and public health literatures as grounded and tested in fieldwork in three sample communities in different parts of Australia. This integration of primary and secondary research is...

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