How to contribute a resource to APO

Add a policy or practice research resource to APO in 4 easy steps


1. Join (to register as a first time contributor) or Log in  to and click ADD A RESOURCE

2. Upload your file

3. Fill in the details

4. Click submit!


Your resource will be moderated by APO editors before it is approved for inclusion.




Below the resource process is provided in more detail (10 steps) 

A pdf with screen shots is available here


1. Join (to register as a first time contributor) or Log in to


3. Select the type of Resource you are uploading - Text, Data, Sound, Moving image, Interactive resource or Data. Select a sub-type also.

4. Upload your file or transfer from a URL

5. Fill the Title and Date of publication

6. Add the Creator - type slowly into the space, and wait for a drop down option to appear

If a Creator or Publisher of your Resource is not already in the APO database, click Create a Party and provide the details. A new author record will be created

7. Provide a description. It is recommended to start with a good one sentence summary for the newsletter or social media

8. Choose 1 or 2 Broad Subject Area(s) then add more specific terms from Subject, Keywords and geographic topic (Coverage)

9. Add the copyright status and license holder if known. Provide any other details that you can in this section as it all helps to make your resource discoverable

Your help in providing accurate details for your resource is much appreciated and makes it more discoverable and useable.  If you don't have information to complete any sections, leave them blank, an APO editor will fill in any necessary details (uploaded resources only)

10. Review your submission then click SAVE! **PLEASE NOTE - We currently have a technical issue that prevents Contributors from editing a resource upload form once it has been saved the first time. If you need to make any changes to anything you are trying to contribute, please email with your request and one of the team will edit the record for you.

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your resources is now waiting for an APO editor to moderate and publish! 

Please be patient, moderation can take anywhere from 24-48 hours

You will receive an email to advise to confirm that the resource has been published and the link for sharing

If you require any additional assistance, please contact

• Read more about APO's Collecting Policy & Moderation Guidelines