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31 Jan 2019

In the Western Pacific, Melanesia has been host to donor-funded leadership programs based on non-Melanesian thought and practice over the years. This article provides a counter-story of a donor-funded leadership programme which utilizes a readily available cultural model of thought and practice of Indigenous origin....

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26 Feb 2018

Getting your head around theory is not just a matter of personal skill. It also depends on those who have gone before—the nuggets of wisdom (or clutter) they have left for others to draw on. This blog addresses issues of tidiness and direction in theory;...

Journal article

1 Nov 2017

To name something is to stake a claim, an action which, while having a moment of origin, requires dynamic attention to context and development. This article discusses the naming of Pacific research. It offers a brief but timely reminder of the genealogy of the field...


15 Jan 2004

As knowledge systems of indigenous peoples receive greater global, regional, national and local attention, so too does the call for recognition of these systems.

Chapter in Baba, T., Mahina, O., Williams, N. & Nabobo-Baba, U. (eds), Researching the Pacific and Indigenous Peoples , (...

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