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Green Energy Markets is a dynamic research and advisory business with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing renewable energy and distributed generation, and improving energy efficiency.

Green Energy Markets has been assisting clients including major power companies, suppliers of renewable energy equipment, developers of large renewable energy power projects such as wind farms, and solar PV businesses since 2008. We assist with data, information and insights to guide their investment and trading decisions in renewable energy. We particularly focus on the Renewable Energy Target certificate markets (Large-scale Generation Certificates or LGCs as well as Small-scale Technology Certificates or STCs).

Green Energy Markets also undertakes analysis on the Victorian and New South Wales' Energy Efficiency schemes (VEEC and ESC), providing monthy insights to inform effective business planning.

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29 Mar 2018

This report looks at what has transpired over the period since the closure of Hazelwood and how its contribution to meeting Victoria’s electricity demand since it closed was covered. The report also considers the contribution that new large-scale renewables under construction and demand side activities...


17 May 2010

Victoria's high-polluting Hazelwood power station can be replaced as soon as the end of 2012 while maintaining energy security, cutting Victoria's greenhouse emissions by 12 percent and creating more jobs, according to this report.

The analysis finds that Victoria is in a fortunate position...

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