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This second report should be considered alongside the committee's first report, in particular, chapter 2 (the overview of crystal methamphetamine and its use in Australia) and chapter 3 (Australia's drug strategies). As per the definitions provided in the first report, this second report refers to crystal methamphetamine, methamphetamine or amphetamine, as appropriate, unless directly quoting evidence where another name for the drug was used.

The purpose of this second report is to examine treatment and harm reduction measures that are in place in Australia to assist crystal methamphetamine users, their families and communities. This report also considers the funding of treatment services as part of the NIAS and the decriminalisation of illicit drugs, drawing from the committee's visit to Portugal.

Although many of the issues outlined in this second report are outside the committee's core law enforcement focus, the evidence before the committee reveals a consistent message articulated by alcohol and other drug (AOD) experts, governments, the NIT and law enforcement agencies, that is: a person's drug use is a health issue and for this reason, Australian governments and law enforcement agencies cannot arrest their way out of it.

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