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Unlocking commercial opportunities from Intelligent Transport Systems

For BusinessNZ on behalf of the Intelligent Transport Advisory Group
Transport Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Intelligent transport systems Autonomous technologies Autonomous vehicles New Zealand

New Zealand has a multibillion dollar opportunity to develop new, hightechnology businesses in Intelligent Transport Systems. While there are already some areas of comparative advantage and emerging solutions, these can be accelerated and enhanced through focussed initiatives in key areas.

“Intelligent Transport Systems” or “ITS” refers to new and emerging technologies applied to vehicles, including on land, in the air and at sea, the infrastructure to support the use of vehicles, and the operating systems which make the vehicles genuinely intelligent. ITS technologies are used in a wide variety of industries beyond transportation and logistics, including agriculture, food processing and tourism.

ITS is an increasingly relevant topic both for businesses as a commercial opportunity, since the potential to generate domestic and global revenues is large, and for governments seeking new ways to improve the lives of their citizens and the environment. For example, ITS can contribute to lower emissions, reduced congestion, improved road safety, improved productivity, and increased choices for people mobility.

New Zealand is not the only economy interested in how ITS transforms the lives of citizens and enhances our prosperity. Governments and businesses around the world are discussing how ITS supports improvements to prosperity and wellbeing within individual countries and on a global scale.

This report aims to start the conversation around how:

• New Zealand companies – some already successfully operating – can be established, grow and take advantage of the enormous potential markets for ITS solutions, both domestic and international

• New Zealand can find ways to attract the best international businesses to test, develop and make their ITS technologies in New Zealand, for sale to the world.

The analysis in this report is based on a bespoke new survey of New Zealand-based companies interested in ITS products and services. This is augmented with desktop research and analysis of key data to consider the potential size of the opportunity to local businesses and the New Zealand economy.

The focus of this report is the direct returns from the development of ITS solutions, rather than the additional benefits ITS solutions will create.

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