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NDIS and psychosocial disability – the Victorian story: Insights and policy recommendations from expert stakeholders

Report prepared for Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria and SalvoConnect
Disability Mental health National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Victoria
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User, provider and advocacy stakeholders with expertise gained through direct experience of the NDIS trial sites are ideally suited to collectively identify emerging and existing gaps or issues as well as provide practical and relevant recommendations to resolve these issues. The knowledge and wisdom of expert stakeholders, those with the most expertise and practice or experience-based knowledge of the NDIS rollout, form the voice and content of this report.

The project involved a three-staged process:

1. expert stakeholder identification of challenges or gaps that are existing or emerging;

2. expert stakeholder proposed best policy solutions to address these identified gaps, and

3. expert stakeholder final review of the synthesised list of proposed solutions.

The project was designed to create a ‘safe’ environment for stakeholders to raise issues and challenges as well as to propose workable solutions. Thus it was agreed at the outset that reporting would use a collective ‘voice’ without direct stakeholder quotes and without stories being attributed to individuals or the organisations that they represent.

In this Victorian specific component of a broader national project, we focused specifically on the learnings, experiences and expertise of those who have been deeply engaged in the rollout of the NDIS for people with psychosocial disability in the Barwon trial site. This expert stakeholder group included a range of user, provider and advocacy organisations involved in varying aspects of the NDIS.

Rather than an exhaustive list, the project has drawn together a prioritised list of meaningful, and relevant policy solutions identified by the expert stakeholders. These policy priorities address identified gaps and will, when acted upon, enhance the NDIS and the broader mental health system for people living with psychosocial disability in Victoria.

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