Transforming Melbourne and Victoria with Employment and Innovation Clusters (EICs)

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Melbourne is embarking on a period of unprecedented growth, with the population projected to rise to eight million by 2050. As a result, the city is on the cusp of significant changes to its urban form that will either set the city up for continued success as one of the world’s most-liveable cities, or result in a weakening of its competitive advantage and in the quality of life that residents enjoy.

As world cities scramble to respond to a period of rapid technological disruption brought on by the much-discussed ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, Melbourne must ensure that it capitalises on the opportunities this new era of change presents. How do we establish a clear vision for the city which sets a new benchmark for innovation, and enables us to compete with the world’s global powerhouses?

We believe that Employment and Innovation Clusters (EICs) will be key to fostering a successful, growing economy founded on innovation. The Victorian government’s National Employment and Innovation Clusters, set out in Plan Melbourne provide a sound basis from which we have developed this concept. As physical spaces that bring together new, high-value businesses, researchers and related service providers, integrating EICs into the city’s urban form will drive the next wave of jobs for Melburnians, while attracting investment and underpinning the overall competitiveness of the economy.

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