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Internet Competition Inquiry: report

Inquiry into impacts on local businesses in Australia from global internet-based competition
Internet Innovation Marketing Competition Small business Electronic commerce Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Australia
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This inquiry considered how Australian businesses have responded to growing competition from global online companies. The Inquiry also considered how Australian businesses can be assisted to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the digital economy. The focus of the Inquiry was primarily on small businesses and retail businesses. More specifically the Committee examined:

- Current and future technologies which may assist Australian businesses to compete effectively in a digital economy.

- The current, and expected future, impacts of increased internet competition on Australian businesses.

- The uptake of digital technologies by Australian business and barriers to greater uptake of these technologies by Australian businesses.

- The opportunities that online digital platforms create for Australian small businesses.

- The effects of increased internet competition on employment levels and conditions in Australia.

- The existing levels of digital literacy and skills in the Australian workforce and future skills requirements.

- The regulation of internet-based businesses in Australia.

- Taxation issues and the compliance of internet based businesses with Australia’s taxation and regulatory obligations.

- The power of digital platforms and whether this impacts on fair trading conditions in Australia.

- Australia’s innovation system and how successfully it assists Australian businesses to compete in the digital economy.

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