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Kevin Carbonnier works on a variety of projects areas including FirstView, data analysis and visualization, and technical research and writing. Kevin also manages NBI’s database of zero net energy buildings, which is used to collect, maintain, and analyze energy usage data and project information for over 500 buildings. Prior to joining NBI, Kevin worked on the equipment side of the HVAC industry as part of a sales team specializing in large commercial HVAC equipment. Kevin also has a background in renewable energy, advanced building controls, and energy modeling from his graduate work at Penn State University where he earned his PhD in Architectural Engineering in 2014.

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1 Nov 2017

This report is part of Task within the California Energy Commission CEC EP C project EPC‐14‐ 009 Optimizing Radiant Systems for Energy Efficiency and Comfort managed through the Center for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley The main goal of this research was to determine...

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