Melbourne’s current integrated water management reforms and initiatives

Guide for local government and water sector stakeholders

1 Mar 2018

Climate change and population growth pose significant challenges and opportunities for Melbourne’s water supply, sewerage, stormwater and waterway systems. If these challenges are not effectively managed, communities will face water shortages and restrictions, devastated parks and gardens, flooded streets, destroyed waterways and escalating water bills. Conversely, if our water systems are effectively managed there is significant potential to harvest additional water resources for our parks and sporting facilities, beautification of waterways, increasing active transport, and reducing chronic diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles. Melbourne’s water outcomes are therefore reliant on effective collaboration and engagement among all stakeholders, including local government.

This document has been designed as an update for local government and water sector stakeholders, including both practitioners and senior managers, about the range of current Integrated Water Management (IWM) related activities, how they connect to each other and their implications. Its goal is to help stakeholders understand the scope of current activities and make informed decisions about the highest priority areas for engagement.

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