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Delivering an efficient transport system in a growing city is no easy task. As Melbourne grows, so too does the challenge of providing a transport network that allows people to move around easily.

People moving around the city to get to work, appointments and activities supports the thriving economy and vibrant culture that Melbourne is known for, but also puts enormous pressure on the transport network.

Easing this pressure must be a priority if Melbourne is to maintain its appeal and liveability.

Melbourne’s roads increasingly struggle to cope with growing demand. Road congestion is forecast to get worse over the next 15 years and on some parts of the network, increases in travel times and declines in reliability will be significant.

Not all locations will experience congestion to the same extent, so we have focussed on where the issues are expected to be felt the most.

Current initiatives which seek to improve the performance of the road network – including major investments in road and rail projects – must be complemented by additional measures that manage rather than accommodate demand.

In Victoria’s 30-year infrastructure strategy, we said a comprehensive and fair transport network pricing regime would be the most efficient and effective way of managing congestion and should be implemented in 5-15 years. There are actions that can be taken in the next five years to improve the performance of Melbourne’s roads in advance of this.

We have developed a package of recommendations which are practical, low cost, could be delivered quickly and build on existing measures that have proven effective.

These include expanding off-peak fares on the metropolitan public transport network, overhauling Melbourne’s bus network, and expanding and increasing the car parking levy.

We know that for many people, driving is the only option. But our recommendations aim to make other transport modes more attractive to those who can travel in other ways.

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