Rebecca Cassells


Rebecca is an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Curtin Business School. Prior to this Rebecca was Principal Research Fellow and leader of the Women, Children and Families team at the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM). Rebecca is a member of the ABS' Family Statistical Advisory Group and regularly serves in other working groups and public inquiries. 
Rebecca has a strong interest and understanding of issues affecting Australian women, families and children and has a diverse portfolio that deals both with research methods and policy evaluation. Her principal areas of research include: child wellbeing; childcare affordability and availability; themes of disadvantage, including poverty and housing disadvantage; wealth and superannuation; time use and happiness; education and labour markets; social exclusion, geographic analyses and gender divisions.
Rebecca has published extensively in academic and policy journals, and through commissioned and public reports. She has led major commissioned research reports for a number of organisations including NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, AMP, the Office for Women, The Smith Family, the Department of Defence and the Commonwealth Bank. Her work has been influential in driving public debates and influencing policy and legislation. She has provided evidence to parliamentary inquiries on childcare availability and affordability the Productivity Commission’s investigation into the childcare workforce and labour mobility. Her work on gender wage gaps in Australia was cited as evidence used to determine a new legislative ruling on equal remuneration by Fair Work Australia for community service workers.

Recently added resources


1 Mar 2019

This report provides insight into positive change that has been made across different sectors in recent years and highlights the importance of workplace policy initiatives in ensuring women continue to progress into senior positions and in narrowing the gender pay gap in Australia.


13 Apr 2018

This report examines the way in which the organisation of work is changing – from workforces to workplaces – and the implications of these changes for Australia. With alternative forms of employment, freelancing, and the gig economy on the rise, the traditional notion of holding...


2 Mar 2018

This third report in the Gender Equity Insights series extends and strengthens the evidence base around gender pay gaps and how these have changed over time across Australian workplaces.


25 Aug 2017

This report argues that the energy sector is changing rapidly globally and nationally; and that Western Australia needs a plan to navigate its way through these changes and towards a sustainable and affordable energy future.


26 Jun 2017

This addresses an issue of central importance to Australia in maintaining economic growth, its sense of social justice and fairness and in creating as equal an opportunity as possible for all Australian children – education.

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