Paula Kivimaa

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Dr.  Kivimaa is Senior Research Fellow at SPRU working for the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED). Her previous research ranges from climate, energy and environmental policy analysis from the perspective of innovation to  examining change and stability in energy and transport systems. Her current research interests include policy analysis from low-carbon innovation and transition perspectives as well as policy complementing approaches to support low-carbon innovation, such as  intermediation and experiments. She has a BSc in Environmental Science & Business Management (University of Westminster, 1997-2000), an MSc  in Environmental Technology (Imperial College, 2001-2002) and a PhD in Organisations and Management (Helsinki School of Economics, 2004-2008). Prior to joining SPRU in March 2015 she  worked for 12 years as a researcher in the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), where she continues with part-time appointment. She has since 2012 been Docent in the Department of Management and International Business at the Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki.

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Systematic review

24 Jul 2017

Abstract: As buildings throughout their life cycle ac- count for circa 40% of total energy use in Europe, reducing energy use of the building stock is a key task. This task is, however, complicated by a range of factors, including slow renewal and renovation rates...

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